Loveography is a professionally-written and designed love story covering the time from when the couple first meet through their honeymoon. Embedded in the story is the creative work of the couple's professional photographer and videographer. Also included in the story are the bridal party members, family members, itinerary, menus, digital version of all the tangible elements, as well as embedded links to all the creative talent of the entire vendor team. The story is hosted online so all friends and families can view forever!  Couples may also purchase leather-bound books to keep and give as gifts.


To remember their wedding day, couples typically have their photos, video, scrapbook items like save-the-date card, invitation, program, other tangible items, and their memory to remember their most special day.  We believe something more is needed to completely document the story.


Loveography brings words to those tangible elements.


For instance, in the Gilad & Bekah Loveography, the story is about a Jewish wedding and its traditions which are extremely significant to every element of the Jewish wedding celebration. And while the photos and video can show and tell a lot, there's nothing like words to bring the heartfelt sentiment to life. For instance . . .


  • You can watch the “breaking of the glass,” but what does that mean?

  • Jewish wedding tradition sometimes requires two sets of rings. Why?

  • The front row sometimes has an empty seat with a picture. Who is missing?  


We take the time to understand the significance of each nuance, tradition and decision that the couple has made for their most important day! There is significance to all of these decisions, but a picture and video can’t detail the backstory like the written story can.


And finally, while wedding pictures and video are typically limited to the wedding day, our Loveography team tells the whole story from first meeting through honeymoon.


Tuscan Hospitality, LLC is a small business in the midwest, that offers a wide range of hospitality services, including storytelling, journeys, venue business consulting, our own venue and writing/publishing stories about wedding venues, boutique hotels, and the best in local cuisine.


Tuscan Hill, a wedding and reception venue and entity of Tuscan Hospitality, LLC, celebrated its 10th year in March, 2019.  At Tuscan Hill, we love the love story and decided who better to communicate a couple's love story than people like us who never tire of the big day.  We also just happen to be writers with degrees in English, Journalism and Communication. We are good at what we do!  


As a venue that works with tens of hundreds of other vendor professionals to bring it all together, we love making sure the vendors are highlighted. The couple has usually spent time carefully selecting their venue, their planner, and together with their planner, the rest of their entire vendor team. All members of the team put their heart and soul into their craft because that is their passion. We love to celebrate and applaud those creatives who have helped the couple bring their day together. Spotlighting the vendor team shows off the couple's quality of decisions.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a Loveography brings life and understanding to a thousand pictures.


Grazie Mille!

(a thousand thank yous!)


The Loveography Team


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Julie Forrester

The concept of Loveography was birthed from a deep desire to tell the story of two people who have a passion for life, for each other and for the future they will enjoy together.

Everyone’s story is significant and worth telling — whether the relationship began a year ago or 50 years ago!


A writer of 40 years, Julie believes that to best communicate the full story as if you were living the budding romance all over again, you must thread together all the separate elements designed to document that incredible season of life. 


The full written story is blended and intertwined through many different sources— the couple, the family, the friends, their stories and sentiments about the couple, the tangible elements from “Save the Date” cards to the invitation to the program, the sophisticated work of the carefully selected professional vendor team, and the artful creation of the photography, as well as the videography.

Julie loves to shine a spotlight on the vendors. The couple spends so much time and effort assembling a team of professionals to pull their day together for them that that alone is a story to be told. A strong team uses the passion they have for their craft, to artfully bring the dreams and wishes of the couple alive. They vendor team expresses the voice of what is unique about the couple.


Julie has assembled a team of staff writers who do an impeccable job of communicating the incredible story that must be told. Let the legacy begin!


Meredith is Julie’s daughter and has been operating Tuscan Hill side-by-side with Julie since it’s beginning.

Meredith has a degree in Journalism and is Co-Founder of Vibrant Space, Tuscan Hospitality’s entity which chronicles venue and hotel space across the country.

Meredith’s own passion for storytelling is most powerful in painting a picture for readers so that they feel as though they were present; the wedding day, just as it was experienced.

The flutters of nervousness from the family, the atmosphere of expectation and love, the heart of the couple, what is most important to them, and how those things have been expressed on the day they join their lives together, is a responsibility we take on joyfully.

Meredith believes that there is power in the story of the couple, and that power is strong enough to shape our own lives as we receive the truth that others have been willing to share about their love and their unique vulnerabilities.

Meredith Tatum


Mallory joined the team in the spring of 2018. She is a Journalism student at Evangel University, where her love of storytelling came to life.

Mallory believes that there is power in words and preserving stories through written word is a tradition that shouldn't be lost.

From the tiniest detail to the largest gesture to the sweetest emotion, each moment of a couple's wedding season should be remembered.

As a writer, Mallory has a passion for capturing each detail, freezing it in place for all to receive and re-tell.

She believes in weaving the pure elegance of words with the beauty of clean design to create an artfully-crafted experience. With photography and videography intertwined, each moment comes to life again.

Mallory Johnson